desert boulders
dandelions and theSouth Face
long hike to BC
keep on truckin'
dusty desert
Rio Horcones (aka Rio Wonka)
mules crossing the Horcones


crossing the Rio Horcones
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on the way to base camp



mule skeleton
Base Camp














going home



almost there...
muleteers in traditional ponchos returning from BC
BC - a small city
view to the North
above base camp
above base camp
Argentine army hut destroyed in 1976 by an avalanche
rescue chopper landing at BC
flying back to the Horcones park entrance
home sweet home
Confluencia Camp below Base Camp
the view to the east of BC
views of the West Face
Silvio, the BC chef
interior of the Hotel Aconcagua
cirrus clouds make dangerous weather on the summit
mule staredown at BC
more mules at BC
the view to the south of BC
walking through the Penitentes
pizza at 14,200 feet
exterior of the Hotel Aconcagua - photo courtesy Mimi Schippers